• More Life (and Publishing) Lessons

    Posted on April 1, 2012 by in Publishing

    I keep talking about learning when it comes to this indie publishing adventure.  It happens every day in ways both small and humbling.  What did I learn when I hit the Save and Publish button last night?

    • It’s virtually impossible to try and upload something so that it hits an exact target release date.  Case in point–I purposely “published” last night (March 31st) because the Amazon guidelines state that for English language books, it takes approximately 12 hours before the work goes from being submitted to being available for purchase (more on that timeline in a minute).  And, as I’d been advertising an April 1st release date, I wanted to do all I could to meet that goal.  Somehow, though, the date identified on Amazon as Redemption’s release is March 30th.  Apparently I have the ability to move backwards in time.  Who knew?
    • When Amazon tells you the book is “Live” on their site, they are lying liars who lie.  At first.  Approximately five hours after I published, I got an email from Amazon, congratulating me on publishing to the Kindle Store and telling me my book was now ready to be sold.  Yet when I clicked on the link provided, I saw a 404 error instead of my book.  That continued for the next several hours.  All told, it was about 18 hours from submission to launch before I was able to access Redemption’s page.  Not bad, mind you.  But I hated knowing my book was floating around in some never-never place between published and not.
    • This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s a real kick to see something you created on Amazon, even if you were the person to upload it there.  I’ve been a loyal customer of the site for over a decade and a proud Kindle owner for close to three years.  I’m so excited to have my stuff up there competing (and getting its butt kicked) by the kinds of books I’ve been reading for lo these many moons.
    • I’m an Amazon author.  And it’s really, really cool.
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  1. Chetz Togom says:

    Hi Olivia,

    Thanks for sharing this. I just uploaded my first Kindle book and experiencing what you experienced before.

    I guess I just need to wait for another few hours eh :)

    Now waiting to get that kick to say, “I’m an Amazon author” hehehehe

    Chetz Togom

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