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    Posted on April 5, 2012 by in Marketing

    Being a newbie published author, I don’t yet have a feel for the cycle of things. In the past, whenever I wanted to write, I’d complete my story, share it with readers and then go on to my next project. If people liked it, they’d generally let me know. But once I’d typed “The End,” my part was by and large over. There wasn’t any pressure to market the work or search out readers.

    Now though, with this new paradigm, the marketing piece is exponentially more important and with far more moving parts. I’ve written elsewhere on this blog about the steps I’ve taken to try and get word out about Redemption.  Since that post, nearly three weeks ago, I’ve also:

    • Asked readers to submit reviews on Amazon (and we all know how that went…)
    • Created my Amazon author page
    • Designed a book trailer for Redemption
    • Created an author page on Good Reads
    • Written to five review sites/blogs, requesting a review (I need to do more of that)
    • Created four boards on Pinterest (including one for Redemption)
    • Hired an artist to create the cover for my next book (yep, I’ve already got another in the pipeline)
    • Joined the Alliance of Independent Authors
    • Begun Copyblogger’s internet marketing course

    And all this in between refreshing the Amazon Reports page info!

    It’s been five days and Redemption is doing well, now having climbed as high as #17 on the Gay Fiction Romance listing.  My plan (as of today, anyway) is to finish out my 90 exclusivity with KDP Select and then expand distribution to sites like Smashwords.  It’s all good.

    But when do I stop tweaking and researching and scheming and planning?  When do I stop marketing and just plain write?

    I’m honestly not sure.  My instinct is telling me I’m going to eventually run out of avenues to investigate.  Soon I’m going to have to ride what momentum I have and begin work on my third book.  Soon.

    I just don’t know when.

    But it’ll be after the 15th.  Because starting tomorrow morning and continuing for the next nine days, I’ll be in Turkey!



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