• Out of the Ashes Cover Comps II (the sequel)

    Posted on May 31, 2012 by in Art, Marketing, Publishing

    Sorry I got kind of quiet there for a time.  Between travel and recovering afterwards, the last couple of weeks have been a blur.  Thank goodness, the amazing Derek Murphy is more on the ball.

    You may recall Derek had come up with some comps for my next book, Out of the Ashes.  I’d posted them here a few weeks ago and collected feedback, both via comments and through private email.  The consensus seemed to be that the bottom cover on that post, with two models, was the preferred version.  However, no one was crazy about the blood model.

    So I headed back to the photo archives to see what I could find.  It took me awhile, but I tracked down an image I thought might work.  Last night I sent it off to Derek and less than 24 later, he had four new comps for me to consider.

    I like them all (they’re gorgeous!–if I do say so myself), so I need your help.

    Which of these do you like?  While the direction of the image is one obvious difference, other variations are more subtle (lighting effects, transparency, etc.).  Will one of these work or do we need to combine elements into one final file?

    I’m so excited to be this close to a decision.

    Click on a thumbnail and see what you think.


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6 Responsesso far.

    • OliviaDCraig says:

      Duly noted, ma’am! Thanks, hon.

      • KimberlyFDR says:

        That one has the right combination of colors and shadowing for me, along with a connection between the characters.

        As an aside, I eliminated Cover B almost immediately because of the way the background man was turned. Whereas the three others have the background character turned towards the foreground character (thus promoting the sense of longing and happiness and togetherness between the two), the B cover has him turned away and that created (for me) a sense of hesitancy, of shyness between the two that might not be overcome in the story.

        And that’s my long and rambling comment.

        • OliviaDCraig says:

          But I appreciate the long and rambling comment! I see where you’re coming from with rejecting Cover B. The only reason why I thought that one might work was the symmetry of their bodies. One is curling away in one direction and one in another.

          Though I totally agree that the idea that they drawn to each other rather than away is far more in keeping with a romantic novel.

  1. David says:

    I’m afraid I have to disagree with Kimberly. Cover B, with the two facing in different directions, seems more visually interesting to me. The two men are more clearly separated and my eyes are naturally drawn from one to the other. I wish I could explain it better than that, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Excellent choice of models, by the way. :)

    • OliviaDCraig says:

      You and I are on the same page when it comes to visual interest! That was my thought as well, but others (besides Kim) seemed to think the turning away was too symbolic. So I did go another way (hopefully I’ll have the final cover shortly and can post it).

      Aren’t the models delish, though? :-)

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