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    I don’t know about you guys, but there are times when vacation just can’t come soon enough.

    That’s where I stand right about now.

    I shouldn’t complain.  My employer is one that works you hard, but is generous with time off.  I had a week’s staycation in January, a week in April where I went with family and a friend to Turkey, and four days tacked onto a business trip in May, where I was able to zip home to Chicago and visit my peeps.  Now, though, now…

    I’m going to sit on the beach with a drink in my hand and chill.  I’m going to the Seychelles for six nights.  I arrive in the wee hours of the morning on Friday and won’t return home till the following Thursday.  I’m literally counting down the days.  Every day, when I get into the office, I open up the resort’s web page, flip through their photo gallery for a couple of minutes, sigh, and begin my day.

    I have things I want to accomplish before I get on that plane–I need to wrap up the last bit of fine tuning on Out of the Ashes, send out my review requests for the book, and reach out to my poor beleaguered cover designer for one last tweak.

    Why the tweak?  I can’t believe I didn’t put two and two together before.  Ashes’ marketing tagline reads (or had read), “For everyone who believes in happy endings.”

    First of all, since Ashes is a modern fairy tale, so that should finish with “happily ever after.”  Secondly, it’s been pointed out to me that “happy ending” can be seen as referring to a certain…physical release.

    Okay, yeah, I write m/m romance.  But I like to be a little more subtle than that!

    So, a few things to do on book two, then all focus goes to book three, Impressions.  As you can see from my very sad word count meter, I’ve barely begun the work (despite having a fairly detailed outline, an artist who is already working on the cover design, and bunches and bunches of research).  So far, I’ve written 4,300 words.  I’d like to return from my week’s vacation with 20,000.  Can it be done?

    Check back in a couple of weeks and see!  ;-)

    Available in August

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