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    I have a friend who is an indie writer like me. She has several books released and three additional ones (I think it’s three–there could be more!) she has completed, but not yet published. She’s taking her time polishing them. She likes to let her books sit for a while, so she can get some distance from them before going back to edit her work.

    I think that’s really smart. I’ll bet she’s able to look at her writing with a fresh eye, almost like one of her readers would, coming at it as if she’s seeing it for the first time.

    I could never do that. When I finish a story and polish it to the point where I feel as if I can stand behind the work and be proud of it, I need to get it out. Right away. Now.

    I need to do this, at least in part, because if I don’t let the little bird fly free, I will continue to go back and tweak–in the most miniscule ways possible–from now until eternity. Redemption has been for sale for four months. There have been four different files uploaded onto Amazon.

    Now I didn’t change the story in any substantial way. One of my reviewers pointed out a couple of spelling errors, so I fixed them. Then I noticed there was a layout issue I hadn’t seen originally. Then there were one or two punctuation mistakes I couldn’t live with…and so on.

    When I finish a book I need to get the bloody novel out of my hands, because my true desire is to never let it go at all. It’s a good thing I’ve never had children. I’d be one of those horrible mothers who keep their children under their thumb their entire lives.

    When I had Out of the Ashes all ready to go earlier in the week, I kept telling myself, “This is a very good thing. Now all you have to do is wait.” Amazon KDP says when you upload a book it can take 24 hours before it goes live. So my plan was to upload the book late in the day on July 31st.

    But instead what did I do? I uploaded it first thing in the morning on the 31st. Because that whole waiting thing…I’m really, really bad at that. :-s

    So after blog post after tweet after website banner proclaiming: Out of the Ashes, available in August; the fact of the matter is it was available in July.

    The good news? It currently sits at #23 in Gay Romance and #32 in Gay/Lesbian Fiction.

    Thank you for not minding that I’m a dork.

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  1. Ann Benjamin says:

    Dorkiness = / = Nerdiness? I think I’m hesitant to let my books go because my first book had no business being published in the first place. I feel I owe my readers more, and somehow that translates to waiting longer. Then again, maybe I’m in less of a hurry because I have 5 ‘little birds’ flying free at the moment (with a 6th on the way).

    However, I know for a fact you’ve been writing for a long time, and I have to think all your years have been spent getting you to the experienced position you are in today.

    To each their own!

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