Where Is Her Stuff?

Out of the Ashes has been released on Amazon (and is available to be borrowed via Amazon Prime).

The first reviewer who read it had this to say:

“It’s very well written and Noah is a lovely character. A very nice take on a classic fairy tale.” – Hearts on Fire Reviews

Redemption is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.  It’s even available in print, so if you’re thinking of checking it out, you have your choice of formats.

Some reviewers have had this to say:

I found the story to be original and fresh and the characters really showed depth and growth. In the end I didn’t want to leave Devin and Jason because I fell in love with them.  4.75 stars out of 5 – Reviews by Jessewave

“I hope this author has more stuff in the works, because she can write sweet and easy romance with lots of really great moments and the smexin was awesome…” – The LL’s Word

“Redemption is a well written futuristic erotic romance with a ton of suspense mixed in.” – Reader Views


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  1. Hi Olivia! This is just a note to let you know you’ve been GayListed!


    I see that you’re an indie author, and my partner and I at GLBRs are big supporters of indie authors. We’re a new review site ourselves, but that’s because we got tired of seeing the same names come across the bigger review sites and the newer, untested names aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Please consider us in the future for review possibilities and spread the word about our site. If you’d be interested in offering a giveaway, we’d love to host it!


    Anita Mann
    Gay List Book Reviews
    GayListed on GoodReads

    • OliviaDCraig says:

      What a great honor! Thank you so much. I’ll definitely add you guys to my list when my next book is released. I’m so very glad you liked Redemption! You’ve made my day.

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